Oh I love my job!! when I least expect it, people share their lives with me, and it is a wonderful feeling to know that Acadia Antlers was a part of something special.



This is part of an email i got months ago…”I feel at a loss, As I am trying to make a coat rack as a surprise for my pregnant wife who loves moose (her favorite woodland animal). I am in need of 8 tines approximately 6 inches in length to mount on the aspen log that I have. I can see by your many posts you are very busy, I f you could please help me with this I would be greatly appreciative as it has been a project on the stall phase as I try to find the just right hooks and have come to conclude that moose tines would be the best blend of log and her favorite animal to surprise her”.

Well, today I proudly share Ryan’s photos — he even included lower pegs so his newborn son will be able to hang his coat on his very own Acadia Moose Antler coat hooks!!

Great job!!!!!

Acadia Antlers…
America’s favorite long lasting dog chews (and now coat hooks)
made from naturally shed Maine moose antlers!






This is our pal Gizmo of Gizmo’s Frens sitting right down at the Acadia Antlers booth at the Tate’s Play Date event in Connecticut today!! We were so excited that you got to meet Ryan and Carley today Gizmo, and that we are frens!!!!! It was great to see you and be able to help Carrie bring more awareness to folks about Animal Cancer and help her raise some funds to help families offset this huge expense! Working TOGETHER we can help great efforts like Tate’s Play Date!! Miss you already, and hope to see you soon!! xoxo
ps: glad you liked our Acadia Chicken Jerky… Isn’t it “CLUCK-ing ” Great?!


Dear excellent Acadia Antlers frens: *gasp* I absolutely could not believe it when I saw you today at Tate’s Play Date in New Haven, CT! I think all you do to help rescues is pawmazing and it was so exciting to see you for reals today. And that chicken jerky is DEELISHUS, thank you for that! Signed, your fren, Gizmo from Gizmo’s Frens (https://www.facebook.com/GizmosFrens).






10494692_260767104115729_163048232648620126_n 10463997_260767100782396_4868644592978668934_n 10384909_260767120782394_7895101242261650738_n 10306164_260767154115724_8225930748092964726_n 10491234_260767177449055_5883272666290485309_n 1613762_260767190782387_2751719868997417737_n 10475718_260767210782385_1507208180561363504_n 10501981_260767224115717_2888944861450687545_n 10440911_260767237449049_6203373960399634267_n 10461738_260767274115712_495832022431879183_n 10464171_260767284115711_4363487418378031978_n 10407595_260767327449040_8765269278852593226_n 10480992_260767297449043_1768905434538831027_n 10477374_260767324115707_949317433923805901_n 1520623_260767354115704_1896711304530910523_n 10430820_260767394115700_3021524011909370473_n 10301414_260767364115703_243707305531900710_n 10426617_260790474113392_8583962888873771668_n 10308091_260767027449070_8927174532512419831_n







Kula loves his “Twice the Tyne” all the way in Hawaii!!! Mahalo






Our Portuguese Water Dog Laynie is in absolute heaven!!! She is a “professional” chewer for sure!! We got our package today and she LOVES it!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
ImnotaMonsterHi Carol – Check out http://www.monsterholidaydrive.com. If you click on all the pictures it opens a whole bunch of photos from the drive. As you scroll through you will see a photo that is a little collage of Sadie with the antlers and the 2 shelter dogs with them. With the caption “Acadia Antler helping “Monster” Elf Sadie And a huge THANK YOU to Acadia Antlers!! The awesome people at Acadia Antlers donated 30 lbs (yes, 30 POUNDS) of moose antler to “Monster” Elf Sadie Wonder Pup for the drive: “These Salinas Animal Services pups were thrilled and took their chosen antler piece back with them to chew in bed. Those pups agree, these antlers are Buck-ing great!!” We just love seeing the Holiday Drive in action. We can just picture them hugging their antlers and toys in their bed, wrapped in soft fleece blankets, all thanks to your generous donations. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part in this drive. And no, we’re not done”





Our buttons came today!  What a HUGE hit!







Love these Antlers for my dog Tristan, he has many allergies & can’t have treats so his antlers are all he gets & needs! We just received his latest package today even with all the snow & I’m posting a picture of his other 2 Pit Bull pacifiers he’s had for over 6 weeks of chewing! Thank You again from Tristan







Does anyone remember Miss Fezzik? She was one of our wild card picks for the Acadia Antlers Royal Court Contest earlier this year… Last night, she sent me this email that I wanted to share with you —MissFezzik

I stole my human moms bank card to order some acadia antlers. I don’t think she minded when she saw I picked a few military dog donation packages out, along with a big package for my sisters, cousins, and a few extra for the shelter we live near! She made me learn a lesson about Christmas today, we went to PetSmart and had an AWESOME shopping spree!! Toys EVERYWHERE! But then we went to a funny place that smelled like scared puppies and she had me hand over all the balls and soft stuffies with the squeakers, even the bags of treats.. I didn’t quite understand at first. But then I got home and got to curl up on her bed, snuggled in my blanket after getting some food and water, and looking over all the toys I already have while getting a scratch behind my ears. So now I understand why those other dogs could use a happy treat. She caught me looking at the confirmation e-mail and forgave me, so this Christmas I get to spoil myself along with a bunch of other lucky pups! I sure hope we get out to the expo this year and get to see you guys! And I hope the big antler I picked for me will last until then!

Miss Fezzik

We want to say thank you Miss Fezzik for Pawing it Forward for the shelter dogs like you did, and your spirit of generosity and caring for others is something we all need to do!!

You are a wonderful little lady, that continues to not only show us how beautiful you are on the outside, but also on the inside!!





Merry Christmas Acadia Antlers! Thank you for providing made in America long lasting antlers for our loved ones. Proud to say we are brand loyal Acadia Antler fans.













GingerbreadGingerbread has discovered the Dust! I think she likes it! Moose Dust by Acadia Antlers. It’s “BUCK-ing” Great!!bbbwww.acadiaanters.com








6466387Woo Hoo!! Schooner and Skipper are so happy. I order each of them an antler. The box arrived today! They could hardly wait until I got the box open. They both stuck their heads in the box and grab and antler. They had so much fun taking the paper of the antlers by themselves. Here are their pictures. The Acadia Antlers are the BEST!&- Thank -You. Thank you so much for the certificate of $15.00. It will be put to good use since I am buying my 3 grand dogs plus Schooner and Skipper Acadia Antlers for Hanukkah! Thanks! This was my second time buying the Acadia Antlers. I will be trying the Got Moose tonight on their raw dinner. Schooner and Skipper are Vizslas. You are so right when you say ‘They’re BUCK-ing Great! Schooner and Skipper woof the say thing! Thanks!!


Miss Meeko

I had such a hard time
getting a good picture LOL!! Miss Meeko got her treats from
Acadia Antlers today and went NUTS!
Wow I am impressed, she is very picky! Thank you











Time to rise and shine!!! This picture was taken last
night–Dexter is loving the antler he won from
Acadia Antlers for winning the cover dog contest
American Dog Magazine
Have a great day











…”We have searched for years to find heathy, safe, made in USA, entertainment that lasts more than 15 minutes for our pit bull Truman. We feel good about giving acadia antlers to him – bonus is u guys are a small NJ based woman-owned business that supports pet rescue and adoption! Check, check and check! Get ready for our Christmas order for all our friend’s four-legged babies. Cheers!”…



I won 6th place to become a cover dog for American Dog Magazine, but the best
part are these awesome maple antlers and moose dust!
Thank you Acadia







Shorty Rossi from Animal Planet’s Pit Boss —

He’s Got Moose!!








Pepper loves her new Acadia antler! I bought her one for the first time at the New England Pet Expo and she has been obsessed with it!!







Shouldn’t ACADIA ANTLERS be at your next celebration!! 8870201_orig


Acadia Antlers are the best doggy

cake birthday topper!












Kobe loves his Acadia Moose Antlers!









“Daisy said your antlers are the best, and she’s an Acadia Antler girl for LIFE! If you’re not chewing Acadia Antlers, then you’re just chewing the second best”




Acadia Antlers- the only thing that makes him feel better! So sad to hear you won’t be in Rutherford- we were looking forward to visiting!!!










Bella The Super Snacker BoxerPit is rockin’ my world wearing her Acadia Antlers Got Moose shirt!! Thanks Bella — fashionista to the dog nation and world at large…She’s Got Moose but do you?









Nikki says, “where there is a will, there is a way”… 5lbs of Chihuahua set on proving size doesn’t matter (except the size of your Acadia Antlers)…LOL”… Nikki is OBVIOUSLY one of our POWERHOUSE Chewers!!

























Mom, I found these Acadia Antlers and they look really yummy, so I hope you don’t mind that I ordered some!!! – Clyde
































Its all those Acadia Moose Antlers i give him!! He loves them!!







“Hands down, with two APBTs, Acadia Antlers is the ONLY thing that lasts and is healthy for them. Couldn’t live without them!”




OMD! We got our antler chew in and Maybelline gets to chew first and she is just a puppy, but she knew exactly what to do with it! I think she LOVES it! BOL!! Thank you sooooo very much!












Calvin loves his Acadia Antler so much he even takes it on walks!








“Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful antlers! I recently bought some more for my dog and I gave one of them to my BFF who lost her home in Hurricane Sandy, ever since the storm, her Yellow Lab, Buc, has been a complete mess. Well, I gave him his Acadia Antler and I have not seen a dog so happy in a long time, it seems to be acting like a security blanket…he carries it everywhere, even sleeps on it and lately her Yorkie has been borrowing it and chewing it, even though it is bigger than she is! Thanks again for putting out such a great product that makes our furry friends so happy!”


1868106_origAnother MWD donated antler recipient!! Thanks to all that made CWD Toby a bit happier today!! “CWD Toby would like to say you guys are pawsome. He took to his boots with no problem and the antler from Acadia Antlers was a big hit.”  To find out more on how to donate an Acadia Antlers to our Military Working Dogs overseas, please check out our website www.acadiaantlers.com. Thanks everyone for helping these guys out!!!








Life is not complete without family, love and ACADIA!  ~Got Moose?~






Thank you Ken Cunningham for making us a special piece of art to acknowledge what we are doing with the Military War Dogs —  we are so touched.






SIDE EFFECTS of Acadia Antlers… Some smaller dogs may exhibit signs that they are now one of the big guys…



This is Asha. She won one of your antlers in the American Dog Magazine Beautiful Eyes contest. She is busy working on that antler as i type. Thank you for supporting the event!!




All bases are covered!! Cat Nation, Dog Nation, and Acadia Antler Nation!!  Three’s a Charm.








“Don’t worry big foster sister, maybe this week we will win the Acadia Antler Photo Contest”



I have tried every other chew toy on the market and they are gone in seconds. Acadia Moose Antlers are the only things that have lasted with my Lab and Rottie. Thanks for introducing me to them.



I’ve had 6 Acadia Antlers for over 8 months with 3 pitbulls and a shepherd mix. Only one is almost gone. They are the best chew toy i have ever bought.”

I got my antler today ! I love it ! And the best part other than how yummy it is that I am staying out of trouble ! Dreamer the Pesky Westie


I bought 2 medium size antlers for my two ~65lb greyhounds in April. I can’t get Jillian to chew on anything, and she has the worse teeth. Worse, if her ‘brother’ gets his slobber all over something, she won’t touch it. For the most part, she won’t play with toys. Except this time. They each had their own but Bear is a chewer and got it whittled down a little and now Jillian will distract Bear so she can take it. She actually gets excited, wagging her tail. What a huge success! Thanks so much for coming out to GIG and introducing yourselves! Bear & JIllian in VA




This is what happened when we told Chloe we forgot to bring her acadia antler on our road trip. She wasn’t very happy about that.






Yay!!!! “Reno” got his prize~Antler! They’re obviously “Buck~ing” Great…..I can’t get it away from him! The one photo he’s praying for thanks!!!!











After a good swim….Rufio loves an Acadia Antler!!




















Did someone say Acadia Antlers?!?!




I want my new puppy Moose to have Acadia Antlers for his

first toy.4331392_orig













Bailey dreams about an Acadia Antler.