About Us

Acadia Antlers has its roots deep in the heart of Maine — its original humble beginnings were at SlowDownforAcadiaAntlers a roadside stand selling moose and deer antlers minutes away from the  entrance to the Acadia National Park and a short distance from Bar Harbor. We have come a long way way from our stand on the side of the road, but are proud to sell our dog chews there, meeting an incredible mix of people from all over the country and the world vacationing in the great state of Maine.

As we become better known and establish our following, we are happy to sell our antlers through this website and can also report that we are in some of the finest Pet Boutiques in Bar Harbor, Portland, and Kennebunkport.  We are now expanding into stores in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Vermont, Florida, Tennessee and Rhode Island too.  If you are a retail establishment looking to sell Acadia Antlers, please email us at Acadia.Partners@Hotmail.Com.



Give ’em a try!! They’re “BUCK-ing” great!!



AcadiaAntlersDeliveryWe are always happy to buy sheds — We look for dark, high quality sheds. Please email ACADIA.ANTLERS @HOTMAIL.COM — We will need your name, phone number, where the antlers are located, and what you are looking for per pound. We will get back to you immediately. Thanks!!