Acadia Antlers Celebrates National Dog Day 2020

Happy National Dog Day

August 26th is a very important day in the dog world…It is National Dog Day!

A time to celebrate all dogs, big and small, mixed and pure! National Dog Day honors the dogs that have selflessly devoted their lives to improving ours.

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

There are lots of interesting history, facts and stories that surround our four legged friends, and National Dog Day is day to truly celebrate such a welcome addition to our families, lives, and the many rolls they play in our well-being and encourage dog ownership.  While many days aim to find loving homes for dogs, this day expands that consideration to look beyond the breed. Look into the heart of the animal. The purpose of the National Dog Day Foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year – when seeking a new companion, be sure to consider the mutts, mixes, purebreds, and everything in between…

Did you ever wonder what the most popular dog breed is in the United States?

According to the AKC, America’s favorite breed today is the Labrador Retriever, and has been for a number of years – closely following in popularity are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs and Bulldogs – no matter the breed, we can all agree that any day is a day to celebrate when you are in the company of man’s best friend!

While Labrador Retrievers are one of  America’s most popular breed today, your lovable, huggable Lab actually owes a very rich history to Canada!  Bred as early as the 1500s, our lovable Labradors were known as  the ‘St. Johns Water Dog’, or ‘Lesser Newfoundland’ and grew alongside flourishing fishing communities, assisting fishermen with tasks of the day. Not only did their thick double coats help them happily withstand the frigid waters of the Labrador Sea, these guys were tireless! In fact, several retrieval breeds we have today owe their heritage to the St. John’s Water-Dog.

Fast forward about 500 years, and you have today’s Labrador Retriever. Their webbed paws allow them to easily outswim even the fastest Olympic class humans, this is one of the most universally beneficial dog breeds we have. Thanks to their high intelligence and easy trainability, Labradors are often one of the top pics for both service dog training and several ‘search & rescue’ roles. When it comes to guiding dogs for the visually impaired, Labradors are among the most qualified.

Did you know that at one time, all dogs were designed and bred to do specific jobs?

When we think of our lovable pets,  sometimes we forget their history is amazing – Training our dogs to do tricks for treats can be a challenge for sure, but their skill set as herding dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs, detection dogs and more, is important to understanding their behavior today.  When thinking about adding to your family, researching various breeds and understanding their working history, will help you pick the perfect match for your lifestyle, it may also explain behavior your pets currently exhibit.

At Acadia Antlers, our family dog is a Miniature Schnauzer named Otto -- we have seen lots of personality in this little guy over the past three years, and researching his history, can corroborate that he is a “one person” dog – Mine!!  He definitely thrives at guarding my family and is a very smart little guy that has been trained to be the Acadia Antlers Quality Control Inspector, making sure that all packages that go out to our customers across the country exceed expectations!!  His agility and determination in keeping chipmunks and squirrels away from Acadia Antlers World Headquarters must come from a history of Schnauzers being farm dogs that kept uninvited guests at bay.  His best friend is a sloth, that is bigger than he is, and he drags him up and down the stairs where ever he goes, and even outside to play, so they both can have fun.

national dog day 2020 Otto chew toy acadia antlers

So in conclusion take some time to Celebrate National Dogs Day!! Best Friends Forever!

Our dogs have a rich history that is fascinating and contributes so much to not only our everyday happiness, but to society in so many different roles.  Hug your dog, take your dog for a long walk, host a doggy play date, celebrate with a special treat, donate to a local animal shelter, and most of all tell them You LOVE them!!

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About Us:

Acadia Antlers is a NJ based small family business that has its roots deep in the forests of Maine selling the highest quality naturally shed moose antler dog chews for now over ten years and counting!  Our humble beginning started at a roadside stand right on the outskirts of the Acadia National Forest selling to tourists visiting the area as well as locals.  The response to our all natural, long lasting chews has been incredible, and we strive to continue to be the premier source of moose antler dog chews across the country.  Our antlers touch the lives, hearts, health and happiness of not only the pet, but the pet owner as well.  We are proud to be environmentally responsible – the recovery and use of our sheds and drops minimize our carbon footprint, while enabling us to provide our pets will an all natural,  green product.  Visit our website, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook – to continue to receive more  great pet information, please sign up for our newsletter.

Welcome to our family – Happy chewing!

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