Benefits of Moose Antlers For Dogs

Chewing comes naturally to dogs of all ages and sizes. For dogs, chewing has been shown to provide many health benefits such as stress alleviation, improved gum health, and dental health. Moose Antlers, as a natural chew, are an excellent alternative to rawhide dog chew, and can be beneficial for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Chewing on mineral-rich bones releases endorphins that help relieve stress and anxiety.

Benefits For Dogs

Dental & Heart health

Dogs naturally chew to maintain good oral health by mechanically wearing down teeth to help eliminate tartar buildup, remove plaque, and promote good blood flow. Studies have shown that good dental health has direct benefits for heart health.

Good for joints

When a dog chews on a bone, the dog’s jaws exert a certain amount of pressure on the bones to create friction that forces the jaw joints to work. This can help strengthen joint cartilage and improve muscle flexibility.

Stress relief

Many studies have shown that dogs that are anxious or stressed will often chew on objects to alleviate this anxiety. In addition, chewing can provide a distraction and stimulation for dogs during times of separation from their owners which can help keep them calm during times when you go to work, grocery shopping, and other activities outside the home.


Chewing on antlers helps break down food in a dog’s stomach before it enters the intestines and helps relieve constipation. It also acts as a source of calcium which is important for healthy bones and teeth.

About Us

Acadia Antlers is a small family business that has its roots deep in the Acadia National forest of Maine selling only the highest quality, naturally shed moose antler dog chews for over ten years and counting!! Our humble beginning started at a roadside stand right on the outskirts of the Acadia National Forest selling to tourists visiting the area as well as locals. The response to our all-natural, long-lasting chews has been incredible, and we strive to continue to be the premier source of moose antler dog chews across the country. Our antlers touch the lives, hearts, health, and happiness of not only the pet but the pet owner as well. We are proud to be environmentally responsible – the recovery and use of our sheds and drops minimize our carbon footprint while enabling us to provide our pets with an all-natural, green product. Visit our website, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook – to continue to receive more great pet information, please sign up for our newsletter.

Welcome to our family – Happy Chewing!!

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