Why Do Moose Shed Their Antlers?

Why Do Moose Shed Their Antlers?

When we sell Acadia Antlers, we always share that they are "naturally shed" -  Some people don't know that all antlers (moose, elk, deer, etc) shed each year (yes! they fall off naturally).  Usually, a moose will knock his antlers against trees to get them to fall off after breeding season (rut), but I wanted to share this video published on People.com that shows drone footage of a moose out in the wild and when he shakes body and head, both antlers fall.  It is amazing to see.  
As mentioned, Moose shed their antlers annually, typically in late December to early January. Technically, the process is triggered by changes in the levels of hormones such as testosterone, which ties to the length of daylight.  As the days shorten and hormone levels decrease, the antlers begin to loosen.  Eventually, the moose will rub up against trees to knock them loose, one at a time, thus completing the shedding process. Once the antlers are shed, the moose's body will begin to grow a new set the following spring,  which will be larger and heavier than the previous year's antlers. 
It is also important to note that Antlers from Moose are a great source of calcium and other minerals, and they make great dog chews, especially ours -- Acadia Antlers -- which are known to be of the best quality. They are long-lasting and are a natural and healthy alternative to other types of dog chews.  Visit our website, www.acadiaantlers.com and see what sizes best suit your dogs - If this is your first order of the new year, please use the code Acadia2023 to save 10% when checking out.  Please share this info with your friends and family, and  Happy Chewing!!

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