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Acadia Baby Moose Shed - Whole Antler - REINDEER - for Large / XL Dog SALE!

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This is REINDEER (18”), a large size naturally shed moose antler that will become your dog’s new best friend - an all natural,  long lasting chew, that will not splinter, has no mess or odor, and is hypoallergenic- Dogs love them!! **SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE DOG HOUSEHOLD**  Finding a whole antler this size is certainly not easy, but Acadia Antlers has lots of paws on the ground searching the forests for these — your dog will be head over heels in love!!  Our moose sheds are individually named, and one of a kind - REINDEER measures over 18” long -- this  antler shed  has lots of tynes that your dog will love to chew!  Even has a nice beam for mom or dad to hold while puppy chews!! Again, if you are looking for a naturally shed moose antler dog chew that will be around for a long time,  this is a great piece to challenge your determined chewer with!

If you are looking for multiple pieces, please be sure to type Baby Moose Shed in our search bar to see what other pieces are currently available.  Thanks!!

**Please Note:  Packing baby moose sheds takes some  extra time and may not ship out right away depending on if I have the appropriate size box  on hand-- Please order EARLY to be sure it arrives in time, if this is going to be a gift.  Thank you!