Kathy Santo Dog Training

As my students already know, I’m a HUGE fan of chew toys for dogs,
but not all chew toys are created equal!


I’m super picky about what I give my dogs, and what I recommend to my students. It has to keep a dog busy for a long time. And it has to be safe.


That’s why my go to chew toy is Acadia Moose Antlers!


When I first became aware of the hype about antlers as dog chew toys, I rushed out and bought a few at a pet store. The minute I got home, I was so excited, and gave each of my dogs an antler. And they were like…..”Meh”.


I was so disappointed! I’d heard about how dogs love them, but my dogs didn’t. About a week later in one of my classes, my student was raving about her dog being obsessed with antlers, so of course, I mentioned that my experience was the complete opposite.


She told me that the quality of antlers in stores is far lower than the ones she buys,and the very next day she brought one in for me to try. (She’s so sweet!) ALL of my dogs loved it, and I immediately emailed her to find out where she got this magical antler!


And that’s how I was introduced to Acadia Antlers.


They’re hypoallergenic, naturally shed, and are the freshest and best quality of any antler I’ve seen.


ALL my dogs love them, and I know yours will, too.



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