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Acadia Antler Straight Cylinder CHOW CHOW L/XL

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If you have a "Power Chewer" consider an Acadia Antler straight beam - this is the cylinder that comes straight off the base of the antler.  It is totally enclosed and offers an unusual chewing challenge.  It is the hardest and densest part of the antler.  It will not be chewed through.  It will gradually be ground down --  (This is what I split in half to create Acadia Antlers Splits) This piece is called CHOW CHOW and measures about 10”  long.  It is suitable for a large / extra large dog, and It will hold up for multi dog households - find out for yourself why ACADIA Moose Antlers are America’s best kept secret!

Take a look at all the quality treats we offer all sourced in usa - salmon skins, and salmon jerky, chicken jerky, and beef hearts.  We also offer ground antler powder as a food topper when they get fussy with their dinners - extra calcium sprinkled in their meals will make them happy!!  No dog can resist dinner with a moose!!

We offer flat rate shipping of $8.95, no matter how much you order!!

If you are looking to add something special to your order, consider Acadia Antler's Ground Antler Powder we call Moose Dust...  All natural antler powder is the perfect way for your pet to get all the nutritional benefits of antler without having to do all the chewing !!  Sprinkled on dog food, it helps entice the pickiest of eaters.  It also helps settle dog's upset stomachs, it helps abate dog's diarrhea , and adds much needed calcium to nursing mothers diets so they produce more milk.  We now offer our dust in half pound bags in our  popular flavors options  -- Acadia  Original, Pumpkin, Beef, Chicken, or Peanut Butter Moose Dust,  specially priced for only $10!!  

"Here is a recent message we received on our ACADIA MOOSE DUST Dry Dog Food Topper -- 

Dear Acadia..
My dog Coco is new to your antlers and just started loving them. I also ordered some of the sprinkles for her dry food, she's was picky eater and this helped. Unfortunately, she developed an autoimmune blood disease that attacks her red blood cells and she was saved with a blood transfusion. She was sent home on heavy duty medications to suppress her immune system. This has been hard on her appetite. Well, I have been using a small amount of peanut butter sprinkles in her water to try and get more fluids in her... AND IT WORKED. I also think the ground antlers might also calm her stomach. I know she won't win any prizes for cute photo, but you guys win for helping me, help her... Thank you, Marcia

A sprinkle of our Moose Dust on dry kibble will entice the pickiest of eaters!!

Ground from our antlers, our Moose Dust is the perfect food topper to entice even the pickiest of eaters and you will come to find out  “No Dog Can Resist Dinner with a Moose”!  It is also a great way to settle your dog’s stomach (just calcium), and something to keep on hand to roll pills in, and a great addition for those that feed raw diets to their dogs.