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Acadia Antlers Moose Tasters - 5" x 1" Strips - AN ALL TIME FAVORITE!

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Moose Tasters are a 5” x 1” strip of moose antler that is cut from the paddle (flat part) of the moose shed.  It is a softer cut of antler, so it is great for a puppy or older dog that you are trying to find something to chew on that isn’t that too hard, too dense, or too challenging.  Mental stimulation is great for all dogs!!   These are sold individually at $10 each, so you can order as many as you need!


NOTE:  Always supervise your dogs while  chewing - When the antler is chewed down to a size that fits in your dog’s mouth, it may become a choking hazard. It is time to discard it and replace with  new one. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we love finding out more about your dogs and personally guiding you with your moose antler options.