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Acadia Antlers PUMPKIN MOOSE TASTERS - Limited Time Only!

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This is Otto and he LOVES Acadia pumpkin flavored Acadia moose tasters.  He asked if we would make more, and how could we say no??  Our moose tasters measure 5" x 1" long, and are cut from the paddle of the moose antler, which is softer.  They are perfect for puppies, small dogs, and older dogs who do not chew hard things.  These are very popular, and are only available while supplies last!!  

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Team up your tasters with a half pound of our flavored moose antler powder available in  pumpkin, for a special price of $10 -- Acadia Moose Dust is a great food topper, full of extra calcium and minerals, and also a great way to settle upset tummies...  No dog can resist dinner with a moose!!


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