Acadia Antlers

DEAL!! Buy 5 Get 1 FREE Original or Flavored Antler Burrs $50 limited time only

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Stock up on Acadia’s antler burrs (also called antler buttons).  This deal is great for families with multiple chewers - $50 for 6 original or flavored medium size antler burrs.  (It’s like buying 5 and getting 1 FREE!).  These are the part of the antler that connects to the animals head, at the end of the shed antler.  Dogs LOVE them!!  They are very dense and will hold up for small and medium power chewers up to 40 lbs.  Not appropriate for larger dogs as they may be a choking hazard - larger dog owners should take a look at our variety of moose and split elk antlers if you are looking for a special chew.

These are also a great gift idea for all the crafters out there that make antler burr belt buckles or who may like to work scrimshaw projects.