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Moose Antler Power House Split - Cape Eliz. - For a Tough Chewer

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If you have a "Power Chewer" consider an Acadia Power House Split- this is the cylinder that is the base of the antler, (connected to the moose's head and carries the weight of the antler while it is growing) split right down the middle.  It is the hardest and densest part of the antler.  It will not be chewed through.  It will gradually be ground down (months and months of chewing) --    Dogs are scent driven and having the exposed side makes them so happy, but again, this is a denser substance than any other part of the antler so they will not rip through it.  I try to make some interesting cuts, to add some paw placement, so take a look at a few options here in our Specials Area before you decide!!  This piece is called Cap Eliz., is solid in weight and measures about 8" .  Definitely a long lasting piece that will offer a challenge for your determined chewer(s).

***Acadia Antlers Humor...   Funny phone call...  A long time ago I got a call from an older gentleman in Arizona, and he said - Are you the ones that make the Pitbull Tranquilizers?  And I said, no sir, I make Pitbull Pacifiers!!  He goes - oh okay, I'll take two of those, and if you start making tranquilizers, will you let me know??  --No need, your dogs will unwind with a project that is not going to disappear after a week -- Our Pitbull Pacifiers category (which include Beams, Splits and Custom Cuts) will be around for a long time!***