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Moose Antler Lobster Claw - GREEN - Tough Chewer

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If you have a "Power Chewer" that needs a challenge, consider a lobster claw style Acadia Antler --  In addition to being a dense chew, it is also a puzzle for them each time they pick it up to chew.  It will not be chewed through.  It will gradually be ground down (months and months of chewing) --  I try to make some interesting cuts, to add some paw placement, so take a look at a few options here in our Specials Area before you decide!!  This very dense piece is called Green and measures about 9”.   Definitely a long lasting piece that will offer a challenge for your determined chewer(s).

***Acadia Antlers Humor...   Funny phone call...  A long time ago I got a call from an older gentleman in Arizona, and he said - Are you the ones that make the Pitbull Tranquilizers?  And I said, no sir, I make Pitbull Pacifiers!!  He goes - oh okay, I'll take two of those, and if you start making tranquilizers, will you let me know??  --No need, your dogs will unwind with a project that is not going to disappear after a week -- Our Pitbull Pacifiers category (which include Beams, Splits and Custom Cuts) will be around for a long time!***