We have been purchasing Acadia Antlers for quite a few years now. We now have eight German Shepherds who absolutely love these moose antlers! We started with some of the smaller moose antlers in the begining, continued to go larger with each purchase, and have now progressed to huge Antler Sheds! They all love them and get individual time with them! They last for a long time so definitely worth the investment! We still have quite a few in varying sizes but the antler sheds are their favorite! Definitely a birthday sensation and has become a regular gift for each of our dogs! Our puppies also begin early with their love for these moose antlers! Every one of our puppies have gone home with an Acadia Antler to enjoy! Correspondence and service are outstanding! Shipping is immediate! You couldn’t ask for a better dog chew! If you are not sure what you might need for your dog, they will help you choose! Fantastic product and amazing service! What more could you ask for?! – Karen Russell

I met Carol 6 years ago when I was looking for a durable chew for my destruction puppy who was allergic to venison. She explained how moose antlers were more durable and didn’t splinter like other antlers and the bonus was they are composed of calcium and there is no blood supply that runs through them! I purchased two for my dogs that day and haven’t looked back since! My destruction puppy would have done anything for his antler, my older pup is obsessed with the moose dust, and our new rescue puppy is now infatuated as well. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met Carol! We have healthy, happy dogs who can occupy themselves with an all natural chew that lasts. Carol really cares about her customers and it shows that she loves what she does. We absolutely love Carol and will continue to purchase and support Acadia Antlers! Thank you Carol!! – Aja Trammel

The best antlers you can get for your dog. the are fresh naturally shed moose antlers gathered in the forests of Maine.  they don’t splinter, last for a very long time, my dog Tubs is an English Bulldog, and a huge chewer, he gets the pit-bull pacifiers and they have lasted up to 6 months.  They are an excellent source of calcium and help to keep their teeth clean. and when they get too small for your dog, put them outside and the squirrels, chipmunks and even deer use them.

Best product, great family owned company with excellent customer service, and pn top of that they help to support our military dogs. so with all of these qualities no reason to shop any where else for antlers. – Judi Madigan

Thank you Acadia! We have been fans for about three years now, but the real confirmation of how good your antlers are for our guy came today at the vet during his annual checkup. The vet tech said she couldn’t believe how great his teeth looked for a ten year old. I told her about your antlers and showed her your website. She was so impressed that she plans to buy them for her own dog now! I love buying my fur baby treats that make not only happy but healthy too! – Jenay Robert

I have been buying from Acadia for years and have never been disappointed. The last shed I got my dog took 1.5 years to get down to the button. These antlers are the real deal! Customer service is fantastic and my dog loves to help open the box as soon as he knows it’s from Acadia. They are the only ones I will buy antlers from and refer everyone to their store. – Mandy Sleight

Chewing on these antlers helps keep my dogs’ teeth clean. They didn’t like other antlers so at first I wasn’t sure if they would like these but LOVE Acadia Antlers! Ally dogs adore the flavored antlers as well as the unflavored ones. The only problem I have is keeping them hidden before holidays and birthdays! My dogs have been chewing on Acadia Antlers for a few years now. They are long lasting even the spit antlers. We have not had any problems with excessive chewing affecting their teeth. They only problem they have is when Mom doesn’t order more fast enough! – Liana Marley Marie

These are the best antlers around and Carol is great about helping you find just the right antlers for your dogs! My dogs are still finishing off last Christmas’ moose sheds, but will be thrilled when they see the new ones! – Chris Carlson

We have been buying from Acadia for years. Try to hit Carol’s shows when she is in NJ or around. My little dog loves the big antlers. Have given them as gifts and other dogs are hooked! Love Acadia Antlers.  – Meg Kehoe

I ordered an assortment of antler pieces for my large dog who is a heavy chewer… they arrived and he loves them! Surprisingly my small terrier mix thinks they are amazing too! – Jennifer McKenna

Buying an antler from anywhere else just wouldn’t make sense for me anymore! My 1 year old german Shepherd went nuts with it ! Excellent shed, excellent value, fast shipping, responsive seller. Highly recommend.  – Victor Tirado

I have been getting my dogs Acadia Antlers for about 8 years now. They are aggressive chewers and love their moose antlers, they dig all of them (over 20) out of the basket until they find the desired one for that moment.  They love the variety of splits, batons, pit bull pacifiers they’ve got them all!! – Amanda Hasse

I love that these are naturally shed and no animals are harmed. My dog LOVES these and he’s a power chewer and they last! His teeth are nice and white too. – Sandy Gifford

I’ve been buying all my antlers from Acadia Antlers for YEARS now. They are the only ones tough enough for my now 3 pitbull mixes and that truly last for more than a day! Great company, run by GREAT people and my dogs LOVE THEM!- Jen Wilkinson

These are top quality antlers. I love them, and wouldn’t consider buying any other type of antlers for my fur kids! – Elysa Springer

AWESOME company to deal with. Our 12 labs loves the antlers. We buy the XL and they have lasted nearly a year. Well worth the money. Service is A+++++ and shipping is VERY fast. Thanks again!!!! – Dan Bain

My little pittie wore herself out chewing on hers, chewed for 2 hours straight not even a quarter gone. AWESOME chew toy.  – Pauline Sue Hill